Innovative Workspaces: Desks that Rise to the Ceiling

The Dutch have always been leaders rather than followers when it comes to design, and this certainly rings true in the case of Heldergroen.
27th Jul 2016

Award-Winning Product From Kensington

We’re announcing today the great news that Kensington’s SD3600 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station won “Best Product” in the 2016 North American Product Awards!
26th Jul 2016

Fast tracked: Why trackballs could soon become the de facto office mouse

Trackballs are at the forefront of the new methods being used by conscientious employers, Is the trackball becoming the new office mouse?
14th Jul 2016

Voice of IT Report: A Day in the Life of an IT Professional

How is the average day of an IT professional split? Kensington's Voice of IT report investigates.
6th Jun 2016

Voice of IT Report: The Value of an IT Professional

The perceived value of an employee or department plays a crucial role in their day-to-day productivity. We discuss how exactly the day to day productivity is affected on a day to day basis.
29th Jun 2016

Apple: From Lightning To USB-C - And Where Next?

Apple has given a lot of thought to connectivity in its various labs when considering how best to hook up their products but how will this apply universally to the future of tech?
27th Jun 2016