Making A Difference with Trees for the Future

If you have been looking for a new iPad accessory, now is a great time to make that purchase. We have teamed up with the charity Trees for the Future.
15th Oct 2014

Moments When You Wish You Had a SafeGrip

Avoid being on this list with one of our SafeGrip rugged iPad cases.
2nd Oct 2014

SafeGrip iPad Case Reviews: A Parent’s Perspective

Watch some handy feedback videos about our SafeGrip iPad cases for kids...
30th Sep 2014

Do I need to use an Apple Charger?

We’ve all heard stories in the news over the past couple of years about cheap, knockoff USB chargers not only delivering a sub-par charge, but also causing fires and electrocution.
17th Sep 2014

How do I hide my slides during a presentation?

Whether you’re in business or education or any other walk of life PowerPoint tips and shortcuts can be really helpful to speed the process of slide creation.
13th Aug 2014

5 Great Ways To Start Your PowerPoint Slideshow

Here are some tips on how to open a PowerPoint presentation so that you and your material shine.
3rd Sep 2014