London Commuters: A Multi-Device Case Study

How are commuters choosing to spend their travel time? Kensington take to the trains and tubes of London to investigate multi-device working.
2nd Oct 2015

The Early Adoption of USB-C

Kensington takes a look back at the early adopters of USB-C. What has the combination of power and data transfer meant for your workflow?
1st Oct 2015

4K Display Adapters: A Business Decision

Have you thought about upgrading to 4K as a business? It's more affordable than it may seem.
24th Sep 2015

iPad Pro and USB-C: The Future of Connectivity?

How does the new iPad Pro fare in the battle with connectivity?
15th Sep 2015

BYOD: A Money Saving Business Move

Is BYOD actually a money saving move for your business? Can it cut costs?
11th Sep 2015

Windows 10 for Mobile: A Universal Workplace?

Is Windows 10 for mobile creating a unity across devices that will convert business users and IT managers?
7th Sep 2015