The Shape of the Future? 3D Printing for Tech and IT in 2016

What's next for offices and workspaces? We predict that 3D printing is about to shape the future.
3rd Feb 2016

A Mixed Economy: The Move to USB-C in 2016

Have you already made the move to USB-C? If not, is 2016 going to be the year for you?
29th Jan 2016

Kensington’s CES 2016 a Big Success

Kensington's appearance at CES 2016 was a great success, with all products received well. Keep looking out for those all new product launches this year!
28th Jan 2016

Kensington Business Report: The IT Manager

The second post assessing Kensington's Business Report looks at how the IT manager views their day to day role in the office.
27th Jan 2016

Beyond the IT Department: Best Buy Projectors with Kensington Security Slots

It's not just personal devices and desk space technology that needs securing in an office. Projectors are just as vulnerable to theft as laptops or tablets.
18th Jan 2016

Kensington Business Report: The Organization

The first of three posts assessing Kensington's Business Report, looking at predictions for 2016 from IT professionals in the US and UK.
19th Jan 2016