How do I hide my slides during a presentation?

Presenter shocked and horrified

What would you do if the wrong slides appeared?

PowerPoint is an intuitive program that most of us get to grips with relatively quickly. Whether you’re in business or education or any other walk of life PowerPoint tips and keyboard shortcuts can be really helpful to speed the process of slide creation.

How do I hide my slides during a presentation?

It happens, a previous version of your slides appear on-screen or an awkward instant message pops up on screen during your well rehearsed pitch to senior management.  What do you do?

Shift + B: This blanks the presentation screen.  Simple but highly effective.  It brings the attention of your audience off the screen and onto you.  It can also be used to hide the screen should a rouge slide appear or while fixing a technical glitch!  Kensington’s wireless presentation pointers have a dedicated button for this feature. Simply press it once to blank your screen and then again to revert back to your presentation once you’ve navigated the situation.  Consider it your panic button!

I strongly recommend getting away from your laptop keyboard during your presentation. Using a laser pointer with presentation controls gives you all the freedom and control that you need and should the unthinkable happen this small button on the Kensington presenter might just be enough to save your career!  Use it creatively and it may even make your career!

Remember! Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”. Only say what you need to get your message across. Some of the best advice I ever received was spend more time on preparing your delivery than on creating beautiful slides. Simplicity often wins the day. You can read more presentation tips at