SafeGrip iPad Case Reviews: A Parent’s Perspective

Watch some handy feedback videos about our SafeGrip iPad cases for kids...
30th Sep 2014

The Kensington SafeGrip Team Suggest...

Five ways to protect your tech - because let's face it, protecting your technology is cheaper than replacing it.
19th Sep 2014

81.8% of work time is spent sat down!

As if there weren’t enough stressors lurking around every corner in the modern office, we can now add sitting at your desk whilst working to the list.
3rd Sep 2014

How do I hide my slides during a presentation?

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13th Aug 2014

5 Great Ways To Start Your PowerPoint Slideshow

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3rd Sep 2014

Just 10% of tablet owners admit to using their tablet on the toilet

Tablets are becoming ubiquitous—and no wonder. Unlike laptop computers, they’re light and relatively compact.
3rd Aug 2014