Month: January 2014

Is Tapping faster than Typing?

Tablet computers are rapidly becoming a significant factor in the national digital environment. Recent evidence shows that 35% of all Americans over the age of 16 own and use a tablet regularly (1).  Users like the convenience of mobility and access to ‘just-in-time’ information, valuable for both business and leisure activities. Tablets generally offer more computing-power than most other mobile-options. However, typing is one performance-area where tablets show no advantage or particular convenience.  Most tablets rely on an on-screen keyboard as a substitute for physical keys.  In its current stage of development, the process is awkward and slow, which is unfortunate because...

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10 ways to use an iPad in the classroom

With technology playing a significant role in the field of K-12 education, it is important that we consider it’s values.  The iPad is an example of new classroom technology and we will look at some of the iPad’s wide ranging applications.  Here are ten of the most popular. The key with the iPad is applications, or apps. According to Apple, there are in excess of 65000 different educational applications designed exclusively for the iPad. (1) The simplest use of the technology is as an e-book reader.  The selection of educational texts, for all stages is comprehensive and increasing constantly. Internet research tool. –...

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Has the iPad changed forgotten assignment excuses?

In many schools, they have become as ubiquitous as backpacks and brown-bag lunches and even more favored than iPods. They are iPads, and many parents and educators have given up the quest for restraint in favor of applicability. In other words, as long as young people remain tethered to their iPads, why not press them into action at school? One of the smartest ways to do this is to encourage students to keep track of their homework assignments, papers, projects, quizzes and tests through applications they can download on their iPads. And these are applications that far exceed the...

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15 Best Apps for 2014

So it was only 20 days ago that we were saying “out with the old and in with the new” but as we bed into 2014, which of the most popular apps are we most likely to have kept? In addition, what new developments can we expect in this ever-growing market? Here are 15 of the Apps tipped to be the best for the year ahead. 1. Carrot If you’re organizationally challenged and struggle to stay on top of your daily routine then Carrot is a great way of addressing your issues. It’s not a free app but for $1.99 it turns your to do list into a game and can therefore incentivize you to get more done! 2. Any.Do If you prefer to keep your apps ‘spend free’ then any do is one of the best alternatives to the paid Carrot version. It has a very easy to understand process and has won a number of awards for providing an effective solution to organizing your life. 3. CityMapper Travel Apps are big business and are among the most downloaded solutions on any Smartphone. CityMapper is expected to go big in 2014 because it is so comprehensive and offers real time solutions to any travel delays. Better still, the take me home button instantly returns you to where you are staying. 4. Hailo If you’re still walking into the...

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The Top Eight Gadgets of 2013?

  As the world tunes into the technology set to start our hearts racing at CES 2014 we take a look at the gadgets that we fell in love  with over the past 12 months.  2013 was a great year for Gadget Geeks with an extensive range of hot new devices hitting the markets. But what were the best innovations of the previous twelve months and which existing devices maintained their popularity in an increasingly crowded market?  Here are eight of the best from 2013. 1. Nokia Lumia 1020 A phone is a phone is a phone right? All have...

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