Month: May 2014

Working from home — harder than you might think

When you first began working from home, you may have thought it would free up some of your time for family and household responsibilities. No more commuting should mean more time for your home and your family — and maybe you thought you would free time for yourself, too. One of the challenges with running a home business is that you’re never really “off.” However, there are free or affordable tools and apps for your iPad that will help you make the most of your time and streamline your business. Maximize your brain’s “RAM” memory. By delegating various tasks to apps for your iPad, you...

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The world’s most power hungry devices

Have you ever wondered how much power your iPad consumes as compared to corporate server?  What are some of the world’s most power hungry devices?  First let’s introduce the concepts of power and what it means.  Electrical power is measured in watts, W, a unit of power. Electrical current is measured in amps, A, the rate at which it flows.  Sometimes you might see a rating of KVA.  This is a measurement of Volts time Amperes in thousands; 100 KVA = 100,000 volt amps.  Typically you will find this rating on an UPS (uninterruptable power supply) or battery backup. What...

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