Month: June 2014

Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case

Yes it’s true folks, as reported by Gizmodo, Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case. We’re really pleased to confirm that we’ve teamed up with the Mead team that brought you the Trapper Keeper to offer a Trapper Keeper for your tablet.  Whether you have an iPad Air or iPad mini or anything in between, our new Trapper Keeper and Mead Collection universal 8″ and 10″ folio cases bring more than color to your tablet…it brings echoes of the 1980’s! Checkout our collection of the original Trapper Keeper TV commercials at our You...

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A to Z of the 26 Best Keyboard Shortcuts

A recent study published in Great Britain’s Daily Mail showed that British office workers spend nearly five years of their lives sitting at a desk. It’s a fair guess that American workers may even rack up more desk time, since Britain and other European nations generally do encourage regular holidays, which is far different than the heavy work ethic often advocated in the U.S. This national focus on getting the job done generally encourages workers to keep chugging along through lunch, plus coming in early and leaving late. However, an increasing number of studies have found that this push...

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What’s the Best Free Cloud Storage Offer?

With Apple announcing iCloud Drive at this week’s WWDC event, our attention has once again turned to file size and content. We use our devices to create, manipulate, consume and stream content and it all takes up memory. So how much storage space is available free of charge? And more importantly, how many movies, songs and TV shows does this let you store? Our cloud storage chart compares the free, non-trial period, online storage available today from Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Dropbox and Apple’s newly announced iCloud Drive. It also shows the number of files you can store using...

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