Wearable Tech: Is It Time for WYOD?

Is BYOD giving way to WYOD? Take a look at the tech trend on the horizon.

31st Jul 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Choosing the Best Accessories for Business

5 Microsoft Surface accessories to prepare your device for business.

29th Jul 2015

The Surface Hub: How Businesses Will Benefit

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24th Jul 2015

Does BYOD Encourage Overworking or Simply Improve Productivity?

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22nd Jul 2015

Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit

The Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit has everything you need to secure a desktop computer

20th Jul 2015

Has the Microsoft Surface replaced the Laptop?

Kensington take a look at whether hybrid devices have already replaced the clamshell laptop.

17th Jul 2015

What Will the Desktop Look Like in 5 Years?

Think back about 10 years ago. Now try to remember what your desktop looked like…

13th Jul 2015

The Future of Work: Do Standing Desks Increase Productivity?

If you’re considering making the switch, there are a few ergonomic points to consider when setting up a standing desk.

3rd Jul 2015