The Model Workspace: Future-Proof Your Technology

5 key principles when considering how to future-proof your workspace and IT assets.

28th Oct 2015

Dell’s Context Aware Security Report: Key Findings

Take a look at the key findings from Dell’s Context Aware Security Report, focusing on both device and data protection.

23rd Oct 2015

Cracking Value: Safeguarding the Surface Pro 4

How will the Surface Pro 4 be used in business? In the office or on-the-go?

21st Oct 2015

Smarter Education: Specialist Computer Accessories for School and University

Which computer accessories are most effective in enhancing assistive technology in the education sector?

16th Oct 2015

Security Locks: Beyond the IT Department

The Kensington security slot is arguably the core of the brand. The lesser known fact is that the lock are compatible with far more than just IT devices.

16th Oct 2015

Windows 10 Product Release: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

How does the Surface Pro 4 stack up against the competition? Kensington accessories are ready to enhance the capabilities of the device.

9th Oct 2015

Surface Pro 4: Preview and Release

Following the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 announcement, Kensington takes a look back at whether the rumors surrounding its release were correct.

8th Oct 2015

Best for Business? The Case for Enterprise Adoption of Windows 10

Why have the Windows 10 security features and Universal Apps have been a hit with business users and IT managers?

7th Oct 2015

London Commuters: A Multi-Device Case Study

How are commuters choosing to spend their travel time? Kensington take to the trains and tubes of London to investigate multi-device working.

2nd Oct 2015

The Early Adoption of USB-C

Kensington takes a look back at the early adopters of USB-C. What has the combination of power and data transfer meant for your workflow?

1st Oct 2015