Plane and Simple: Secure Work Solutions for Commuters

Are you working securely when away from the office? How important to you consider both data security and ergonomic well being?

26th Nov 2015

Best of Both: In-Store and Online Deals for Black Friday

Where will you be shopping this Black Friday? 2015 looks set to break another record, for the 4th consecutive year.

25th Nov 2015

Can a 4K Dock Make Hot Desking Work for Connectivity and Security?

Does a 4K dock offer the connectivity and security that organizations need to succeed?

20th Nov 2015

Tracking the Trackball

Have you converted to the trackball? The movement is happening and Kensington have taken a look into why exactly they are preferred.

17th Nov 2015

Lock to the Future: IT Trends and Security Measures

Point of sale systems are almost everywhere you look. As contactless and on-the-go payments soar in popularity, are security systems fully prepared?

12th Nov 2015

Three Simple Ergonomic Principles for IT and Enterprise Workstations

3 simple and effective ways to ensure your workplace is ergonomically equipped.

10th Nov 2015

Companion Device or Laptop Replacement? Microsoft Surface for Enterprise

Are employers making the most of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? We look at why it will help your business.

4th Nov 2015

Sitting Comfortably: Ergonomics in Conversation

Ergonomic discussion has been covering the news this year. Are you up to date with all the latest developments?

4th Nov 2015