Mobile Targets: IT and Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2016

Which IT trend do you think will have the biggest impact on you and your business in 2016? Kensington have taken a look.

23rd Dec 2015

Best Tech Holiday Gifts for 2015

How many wearable tech devices do you expect to see in the office after the holidays? We’ve placed out bets on the most gifted tech of 2015.

18th Dec 2015

In Case of Emergency: Out of Office Security for the Holiday Season

Are you taking your devices home with you this holiday season? If not, Kensington can help to make sure your office is secure.

16th Dec 2015

K-Slot Devices: Beyond the IT Department – Part II

The Kensington security slot provides peace of mind to manufacturers far beyond the remit of the IT department. Read on for more examples of it in use.

9th Dec 2015

6 Predicted Tech Trends for 2016: Shaping Productivity

Which tech trends are going to shape the technology industry in 2016?

3rd Dec 2015

Ergonomic Comfort in the Workplace: The Altwork Station

Kensington spoke to the creators of the Altwork Station to hear their thoughts on the future of ergonomics in the workplace.

2nd Dec 2015