RSA 2016: What the World was Talking About

Did you attend the RSA conference this year? We’ve brought you some of the main points discussed.

30th Mar 2016

Productive Home Working: Luma Surround WiFi Router

Do you have a fast and secure home router to help productivity when working from home? Kensington spoke to the creators of Luma, who offer just this.

23rd Mar 2016

The Baidu Breach: Consequences of Data Theft

Today, data breaches are all too common. How confident are you in your company’s security strategy?

18th Mar 2016

Digital Mindfulness, Single-Tasking and Productivity

Are your employees often overwhelmed by data and digital goings on? Kensington looks at digital mindfulness to achieve productivity.

16th Mar 2016

Ergonomics in the Workplace: What is Sitting Down all Day Doing to Us?

The average employee spends 8 hours sleeping and at least that again sat at their desk. But what is this actually doing to us?

11th Mar 2016

The IT Department in 1981: Personal Computers in Business

Kensington has been producing workplace accessories for 35 years. What did the IT department look like back in 1981? Do you remember your first office computer?

9th Mar 2016

Making Waves at CES: What to Expect from Wireless Charging in 2016

CES 2016 introduced a number of wireless charging devices. Which do you think will make the biggest impact in 2016?

4th Mar 2016