Voice of IT Report: Ways to Implement a Secure BYOD Policy

Kensington’s Voice of IT report looks at how IT departments can manage device and data security with BYOD.

29th Apr 2016

Data Transmissions: The Unseen Global Connections

Have you ever thought about how the world is physically connected to allow for such powerful data transmission?

27th Apr 2016

Digital Overload: The Light Phone

Do you consciously detox from digital? The Light Phone offers an easy way to do so, without giving up technology!

25th Apr 2016

Flexible Working: How Is the Workplace Changing?

Does your company offer flexible working? We look at why prospective employees are beginning to expect this.

21st Apr 2016

Security in the Age of The Internet of Things

How confident are you in security of the Internet of Things?

20th Apr 2016

Motion Therapy: The Importance of Ergonomics

Experiencing work related pain or injury is far too common. Kensington spoke to the founder of Motion Therapy, a business which focuses on this.

13th Apr 2016

Is Your Laptop Helping Your Productivity?

Does your laptop enhance your working day or cause frustration? Make sure your chosen device is offering optimal productivity.

8th Apr 2016

USB-C: Which Devices Are Benefiting?

As 2016 continues to bring new technology at every turn, Kensington takes a look at the current status of USB-C.

5th Apr 2016

The End of the Road for Rogue USB-C Cables

Amazon has tightened regulations to ensure USB-C cables that don’t meet safety standards aren’t sold on their website.

1st Apr 2016