The future of the workspace: has Google predicted this correctly?

The internet giant has come to the fore over the past few years for providing inspiring work environments, but are their predictions likely to become a reality for the workplace?

25th May 2016

Voice of IT Report: How to Increase Workplace Wellbeing

Kensington’s Voice of IT report looks at the importance of workplace wellbeing programs for productivity.

23rd May 2016

Voice of IT Report: Cloud-Based Infrastructure

How important is cloud technology for IT infrastructure and productivity? Kensington’s Voice of IT report examines.

18th May 2016

8K: The Future of Display

How ready are you for 8K? As the dust barely settles on 4K, we look at the business case for upgrading.

13th May 2016

Social Media: The Lesser Known Security Threat

How aware are your employees of the security threat social media can be to businesses?

12th May 2016

Charge and Go: Shared Use Cabinets

In a shared use environment, how do you keep all devices charged and ready to go?

10th May 2016

National Walk to Work Month: Feel Fitter and Work Better

It’s National Walk to Work month in the UK and employees are being encouraged to reap the rewards of just 20 minutes exercise before they sit down.

6th May 2016

Voice of IT Report: CIOs and the Factors Driving Productivity

Kensington’s Voice of IT report looks at key factors affecting CIOs and the use of IT to drive productivity.

4th May 2016