Voice of IT Report: The Value of an IT Professional

The perceived value of an employee or department plays a crucial role in their day-to-day productivity. We discuss how exactly the day to day productivity is affected on a day to day basis.

29th Jun 2016

Apple: From Lightning To USB-C – And Where Next?

Apple has given a lot of thought to connectivity in its various labs when considering how best to hook up their products but how will this apply universally to the future of tech?

27th Jun 2016

Is online voting hot or not?

How close are we to a complete transition to online voting? With the US election and EU referendum looming, we investigate…

21st Jun 2016

Top 10 Outfits For Wrong Trousers Day

Grab your loudest pair of trousers and wear them with pride at your sit/stand workstation – and it’s all for a good cause!

20th Jun 2016

6 Key Ergonomic Accessories For Mac Owners

Society is currently in love with everything portable, and as a result, products are getting smaller, lighter and easier to transport. Here are some key accessories to make your mac more comfortable!

20th Jun 2016

Five Steps to Take Control of Your Schedule

Productivity is a key area of focus for any business, but tackling your own and your team’s to-do list is easier said than done. So asked expert Ben Hawkes for his top tips.

17th Jun 2016

Why USB-C Docks Offer The Complete Package

USB-C docks are fast becoming the most versatile and functional accessory in the market. Read on to find out why.

15th Jun 2016

5 Reasons Qi Is The Future Of Charging

Qi technology may be in its infancy but will Qi charging revolutionise the way we work?

13th Jun 2016

Voice of IT Report: IT Strategy in 2016

As important as ensuring the day-to-day success and productivity of employees, is ensuring the success of an overarching IT strategy. How does your companies IT strategy affect you?

10th Jun 2016

Can New Legislation Steady The Work/Life Balance?

Getting the balance right between work and life can be tough. Can work flexibility really improve your workforces productivity?

8th Jun 2016

Voice of IT Report: A Day in the Life of an IT Professional

How is the average day of an IT professional split? Kensington’s Voice of IT report investigates.

6th Jun 2016

Workplace transformation: Strategies for the IT workforce

Strategy doesn’t have to be complex, here’s some simple ways to transform your workplace’s IT structure.

3rd Jun 2016