Privacy Screens: What You Need to Know

Privacy screens allow data on a screen to be shielded from the gaze of others in an uncontrolled environment.

24th Aug 2016

Voice of IT Report: An Opportunity for Growth in 2016

What are the opportunities for growth in cloud computing over the next year?

17th Aug 2016

Voice of IT Report: IT Budget Trends in 2016

Kensington’s 2016 Voice of IT report identifies the key trends that are influencing businesses and…

12th Aug 2016

How USB-C Docking Stations can send Productivity soaring

USB-C docking stations let you solve many problems in one go, bringing your physical environment up to speed with the best of technology.

10th Aug 2016

Theft & BYOD: The First Step to Avoid Costly Data Breaches

The days of locking down the corporate network, company-supplied smartphones and limiting the use of personal computers or tablets are gone.

5th Aug 2016

Best Laptop Security: Make Your Data and Device Bulletproof

We’ve put together a list of some of our top recommendations for achieving the very best laptop security.

3rd Aug 2016