Top 10 Outfits For Wrong Trousers Day

Grab your loudest pair of trousers and wear them with pride at your sit/stand workstation – and it’s all for a good cause!

20th Jun 2016

The End of the Road for Rogue USB-C Cables

Amazon has tightened regulations to ensure USB-C cables that don’t meet safety standards aren’t sold on their website.

1st Apr 2016

Best for Business? The Case for Enterprise Adoption of Windows 10

Why have the Windows 10 security features and Universal Apps have been a hit with business users and IT managers?

7th Oct 2015

London Commuters: A Multi-Device Case Study

How are commuters choosing to spend their travel time? Kensington take to the trains and tubes of London to investigate multi-device working.

2nd Oct 2015

Windows 10 Review: A Universal Solution?

What does the latest – and last – Windows update mean for business?

12th Aug 2015

The Surface Hub: How Businesses Will Benefit

Launched this month, Kensington takes a look at how the Microsoft Surface Hub is likely to impact businesses.

24th Jul 2015

5 Useful Windows Store apps for use on the Surface Pro 3 for Small Business Owners

Here are our 5 favorite apps for small businesses using the Surface Pro 3.

2nd Apr 2015

Secret: The Place 60% of Workers Feel Most Productive is…

Facilities, HR and IT managers rejoice!

23rd Mar 2015

Need a password? Here are ten you should definitely avoid!

These are the ten most common passwords according to a Management Today article.  Best think…

23rd May 2014

iOS 8 launches soon – we preview the next software for iPad & iPhone – Review – Macworld UK

MacWorld brings us up to date with the latest expectations of Apple’s WWDC which is…

16th May 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 Rumored to Launch in August

Mashable readers have already shared this news 5.2k times but it seems you have until…

12th May 2014