What We Learned From the Microsoft Ignite Event

Insights from the 2016 Microsoft Ignite conference and exhibition, held in Atlanta last week.

5th Oct 2016

What is USB-C & How Does It Work?

This widespread acceptance among the industry’s major players has been crucial in bringing USB-C into the mainstream.

21st Sep 2016

5 Traits of a Bad Desk

“You always need a good pair of shoes and a good bed — because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other”. We’d like to add another item to that list: desks.

7th Sep 2016

What You Can Learn From the Academia behind Office Ergonomics

We sat down with Karl and Anne Kroemer, who are releasing the second edition of their “Office Ergonomics” textbook.

20th Jul 2016

Smarter Education: Specialist Computer Accessories for School and University

Which computer accessories are most effective in enhancing assistive technology in the education sector?

16th Oct 2015

Smart Choices for Back to College Season

Think smart as you head back to college and keep up with the latest technology trends.

2nd Sep 2015

What Does HoloLens Mean for Business?

We look at whether Microsoft HoloLens will be a game changer for business and productivity.

11th May 2015

Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case

Yes it’s true folks, as reported by Gizmodo, Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making…

26th Jun 2014

How are our kids using our mobile devices?

Technology has been changing the way we entertain and interact with our children for decades….

18th Mar 2014

What’s the best way for Moms to stay connected with their kids?

Raising a child is hard work. In fact, people never tell you just how hard…

14th Mar 2014

Admit it Moms – we forget our phones too!

It is no big secret:  in nearly every home, Mom keeps things on track and…

21st Feb 2014

Mom! Where’s my bag?

You tell yourself it won’t happen this time.  You wake up on time, have your…

19th Feb 2014