Kensington’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is a time for friends, family and – of course – gift giving.

30th Nov 2016

Why You Should Create an Ergonomic Workspace

There are a number of reasons why ergonomics is important to consider for your workforce, workspace and business as a whole.

14th Sep 2016

Innovative Workspaces: Desks that Rise to the Ceiling

The Dutch have always been leaders rather than followers when it comes to design, and this certainly rings true in the case of Heldergroen.

27th Jul 2016

6 Key Ergonomic Accessories For Mac Owners

Society is currently in love with everything portable, and as a result, products are getting smaller, lighter and easier to transport. Here are some key accessories to make your mac more comfortable!

20th Jun 2016

8 Questions To Better Your Workspace Ergonomics

Ergonomic risk has been a growing concern in the workplace for a number of years. We discuss 8 tips to improve your workspace environment.

1st Jun 2016

Motion Therapy: The Importance of Ergonomics

Experiencing work related pain or injury is far too common. Kensington spoke to the founder of Motion Therapy, a business which focuses on this.

13th Apr 2016

Ergonomics in the Workplace: What is Sitting Down all Day Doing to Us?

The average employee spends 8 hours sleeping and at least that again sat at their desk. But what is this actually doing to us?

11th Mar 2016

Ergonomics Made Simple: SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation

Have you been looking into purchasing a standing desk? Kensington’s sit stand desktop offers all the ergonomic benefits at a great price.

16th Feb 2016

Ergonomic Comfort in the Workplace: The Altwork Station

Kensington spoke to the creators of the Altwork Station to hear their thoughts on the future of ergonomics in the workplace.

2nd Dec 2015

Plane and Simple: Secure Work Solutions for Commuters

Are you working securely when away from the office? How important to you consider both data security and ergonomic well being?

26th Nov 2015

Three Simple Ergonomic Principles for IT and Enterprise Workstations

3 simple and effective ways to ensure your workplace is ergonomically equipped.

10th Nov 2015

Sitting Comfortably: Ergonomics in Conversation

Ergonomic discussion has been covering the news this year. Are you up to date with all the latest developments?

4th Nov 2015