Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Studio

Protect this all-in-one, groundbreaking device joins the current lineup of the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4.

21st Dec 2016

Kensington’s 5 Best Gifts under $50

As the holiday season draws closer, you have every reason to be keeping an eye on your wallets. 5 gifts for under $50 on Kensington.com!

14th Dec 2016

Top Holiday Travel Accessories

Top Holiday Travel Accessories Kensington accessories to make your journey that much easier for you!

7th Dec 2016

Fast tracked: Why trackballs could soon become the de facto office mouse

Trackballs are at the forefront of the new methods being used by conscientious employers, Is the trackball becoming the new office mouse?

14th Jul 2016

Apple: From Lightning To USB-C – And Where Next?

Apple has given a lot of thought to connectivity in its various labs when considering how best to hook up their products but how will this apply universally to the future of tech?

27th Jun 2016

5 Reasons Qi Is The Future Of Charging

Qi technology may be in its infancy but will Qi charging revolutionise the way we work?

13th Jun 2016

8K: The Future of Display

How ready are you for 8K? As the dust barely settles on 4K, we look at the business case for upgrading.

13th May 2016

Digital Overload: The Light Phone

Do you consciously detox from digital? The Light Phone offers an easy way to do so, without giving up technology!

25th Apr 2016