Happy 5th Anniversary iPad!


On April 3, 2010, the first iPad was sold to a customer in the USA. In the five years that have followed, much has changed, including the way we pay for things. Now, even Apple itself is likely to complete your purchase using an iPad with a payment solution connected. And with contactless payment technology, the Apple Watch and other Near Field Communication (NFC) applications are changing the retail experience even more.

To mark the iPad’s real 5th anniversary, not its original announcement, we asked Kensington customers, including those that bought an iPad keyboard case or M-Series iPad kiosk solution, what impact the iPad has had on them and their work life.

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The iPad is now commonly used by the retail sector including bars and restaurants.

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Commuters and business accessorize their iPads with keyboard cases to replicate the productivity offered by a laptop.

Some of these comments will make the Apple marketing department proud. Others, not so much. If you think the iPad bubble is deflating, you’ll agree with the sentiment of Macworld’s article “Happy 5th birthday, iPad. Sorry I don’t really love you any more”.

If you hold your iPad in high regard, you can relive the initial unveiling over at Engadget.

Which comments can you relate to? Or do you not relate to any of them?

  1. “We use it as a credit card terminal so now we have less paper receipts to handle and store.”

  2. “I use my iPad to write emails on the train (25min commute) and also for some fun (podcasting, etc).”

  3. “iPad has added greatly to my organization and productivity.”

  4. “HUGE! It is like 20 different tools in one. I can schedule, email, take notes, everything wherever I go.”

  5. “Some. I generally don’t use it for work unless I am traveling and don’t have access to the laptop. But I use it all the time for personal use.”

  6. “The iPad has made me more productive when away from the office. I can do quotes, emails and work just as if I’m at my office desk.”

  7. “Just beginning to more fully integrate it into the workplace, but it is limiting given that another device is necessary for word processing work.”

  8. “It is a nice to have and hasn’t really changed my productivity. More for entertainment and easy to check email.”

  9. “Not a lot, mostly a consumption device rather than a full fledged work device.”

  10. “Tremendous. But not from the standpoint of a tool, but more as a device that delivers content and how to produce content for said device. As a physical device, while I use it, I don’t rely on it to complete tasks.”

  11. “It is my second computer, right by my desktop keyboard.”

  12. “Not much. I have always had a smartphone. I use the iPad during meetings sometimes, but now I have an iPhone 6 Plus which replaced my iPad.”

  13. “Not a lot. It’s great for checking email and searching the web without having to login to work account, but I don’t do real work on it.”

  14. “I used to think it was cool, but I ditched the laptop + iPad combo for a MS Surface and it has made a huge impact in my mobile productivity. Now I just carry around one device instead of two because I have one device that actually does everything I need.”

  15. “The iPad has made getting things done more efficient. However, it too has increased my work hours.”

  16. “Huge. Much easier to work away from the office.”

  17. “I have been able to keep up with my business, and personal life, from anywhere. A boon and an anchor.”

  18. “Use it nearly everyday. Has nearly replaced the laptop.”

  19. “I use my iPad tablet to quickly monitor and respond to emails throughout the day, as it is easier to use and more portable than my computer. My iPad has been gradually replacing my laptop for most purposes.”

  20. “It has significantly sped up my workflow.”


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