Our headline may have conjured ideas of an office table tennis competition or a bout of volleyball of the cube walls and other playful activities. However, desk ping pong is actually an activity that you participate in each day, and it’s not particularly good for your health and wellbeing. In fact 3 in 5 workers use multiple devices in the office more than 50% of the time.

Desk ping pong is the term we use to describe the movement of our attention across multiple devices on the desk. You move between your smartphone and your laptop, your monitor and your tablet, your desk phone and your mail.

A Classic Desk Ping Pong Example

  •  You pick up your smartphone
  • Take a picture
  • Email the picture as an attachment to yourself
  • You turn to your primary monitor
  • Open the email
  • You work with the image you sent yourself on your primary monitor

60% Addicted to Desk Ping Pong

In fact, our research shows that nearly 60% of workers email files between devices 3-10 times a week.

60% send files back and forth between a mobile device and a computer

60% send files back and forth between a mobile device and a computer

Here’s 3 ways you can get a lead over the multiple devices on your desk.

  1. Use a Switchable Keyboard
    Use a switchable keyboard that allows you to type on your laptop and your smartphone. While you may still want to email files to yourself or reply to an sms, with a switchable keyboard you don’t need to pick the smartphone up. Your multi device task execution is much more efficient with seamless, undisruptive switching.
  2. Use a second screen
    The benefits of a second screen are well documented. Connecting a second screen is made easy with a universal docking station and critically, they allow you to position your laptop wherever you want, enabling you to place your laptop screen on the same horizontal line as your screen. Not only will you unlock up to 50% productivity gains, your desk ping pong will be much more comfortable.
  3. Use a Multi Device Charger
    If you’re constantly connecting and unplugging your peripherals, cameras and smartphones just as so you can start your desk ping pong game then you’ll know that you are far from winning your desk ping pong match. Keeping your smartphone, tablet, fitness tracker and iPod or smartwatch fully charged with a 4 way USB charger gives you game, set and match.