There are countless productivity apps out there, all claiming to make our working lives somehow simpler. From apps designed to help you and your team communicate more effectively to tools for managing your personal desktop or workflow, there’s a wealth of creative and useful solutions available for technology and IT professionals. Because this list is growing all the time, we’ve taken stock by rounding up 7 of the best productivity apps for IT professionals in 2016.

Slack – Communication


Billed as team communication for the 21st century, Slack has become the default communication app for tech businesses. By putting all your communication in one place and readily accessible, and integrating with tools like Dropbox and Asana, Slack provides a polished and user-friendly way to work and communicate.

Outlook – Email Management


Outlook’s presence on a list of the best mobile productivity apps might raise a few eyebrows. But Microsoft’s latest, mobile-version of its venerable email software comes with new and improved time-management features, based on Sunrise, the calendar app bought by Microsoft in 2015, and seamless integration with Excel and Word.

Airmail – Email Management


For Mac users or anyone looking for a more customizable email app, Airmail has recently made the switch from desktop to mobile, providing slick and powerful functionality across both platforms. The app lets you get through emails quickly, and integrates well with other Mac apps like Clear and Wunderlist.

Pushbullet – Desktop Management


Another recently launched app, Pushbullet was described by CNET as “the app you never knew you needed”. Essentially a desktop management app, Pushbullet lets you to integrate your desktop PC with your mobile vices by sending and receiving SMS messages, use Whatsapp and share files with other devices.

Convene – Conference Planning


Built and designed by Thomson Reuters, Convene is a powerful event scheduling app that helps conference organizers gather the information they need in one place. The app provides attendees with an individual itinerary and lets them download details about sessions, abstracts and other useful information about the conference.

Asana – Project Management


Competition between project management apps like Basecamp and Asana is understandably aggressive, with each vying for dominance and working to convince users that their platform offers a smoother and more versatile way to work. Free for small businesses, Asana is fully integrated with popular project management tools like Instagantt, letting users create Gantt charts and build these into ongoing workflows using Asana.

Workflow – Productivity


Automation is a buzzword that’s hard to avoid. Workflow, an app designed for Mac users, gives an impression of things to come, utilizing automation technology to let users simplify their workflows, either by creating their own mini-apps or other user-generated ones. Built to be highly customizable, it can be tailored to specific tasks, making them less time-consuming and giving you more time to concentrate on what matters.

Are there any productivity apps that you couldn’t do without? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or on LinkedIn.