You got it. It’s the office. Our recent Productivity Trends 2015 Report reveals that 60% of our customers feel most productive when they are working in the office. Facilities, HR and IT managers rejoice!

From our multiple-choice question, 60% stated that they felt most productive when working from the office, while 18% said it was when they work from home, 12% felt most productive while commuting and 10% felt most productive during business trips.

Kensington Productivity

Where do workers feel most productive?

So apart from the obvious, what does this tell us?

Top 5 Office Productivity Accessories

Well, one easy conclusion we may jump to is that people still very much value face-to-face interactions. Very few people don’t. It what makes us human … or is it a reflection of the tools and access that the office provides.

Think about it. If you rely on the:

  • Printer
  • Photocopier
  • Scanner
  • Limitless paper (and coffee)
  • A great network connection

then an office-orientated environment gives you fast and immediate access to productivity tools as well as colleagues. These allow you to meet your objectives, and all of these are readily available to you in the office. It’s a bit of a no-brainer that the majority of workers feel most productive when they are in the office.

Everybody’s Needs Are Different

It could also be a reflection of the alternatives available. If the home includes energetic, fun-loving children, the home may not be the best place to hunker down to concentrate on the job at hand. If the office is a vibrant, open environment then that too may not be the most productive place to focus on an intensive task.

Clearly, it depends on the project, as highlighted by the 10% that feel most productive during business trips. If their objective is reliant on their travel, then the trip is going to be productive.

People are also an important factor — those in the immediate vicinity of your desk. If this comment resonates with you, check out Excelle’s list of 25 co-worker types, and their tips on how to manage each.

Employee Happiness

The sentiment of the question though is where people “feel” most productive. This is a crucial factor for the employee. Our Productivity Trends 2015 Survey also asked what productivity devices they are using. About 50% of our respondents use a monitor that is larger than 20” at work. We also know that 9% benefit from working with a second screen at work. This compares to just 6% working with a second screen at home.

Take a Look Around

Predictably, 36% feel least productive while commuting. However, that is not to say that commuting time cannot be put to good use. After all, more people feel they’re better productive while commuting than during business travel. Age and responsibility also seem to play a role. Just 39% of those who started working pre-2000 said that com­muting was the least productive part of their day versus 89% of post-2000 workers who felt that way. Next time you take the train or subway, or sit in traffic, take a look around. Who’s listening to music or gaming? Who’s checking email? Who’s napping, or better yet, recharging? And then think about how you’re maximizing your time.

Do You Get Your Stuff Done At Your Desk?

  • Is your desk comfortable?
  • Are you able to avoid distraction?
  • Do you have enough screen space?
  • Do you have enough personal space?
  • Do you enjoy your office work environment?