The Model Workspace: Future-Proof Your Technology

5 key principles when considering how to future-proof your workspace and IT assets.

28th Oct 2015

London Commuters: A Multi-Device Case Study

How are commuters choosing to spend their travel time? Kensington take to the trains and tubes of London to investigate multi-device working.

2nd Oct 2015

Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit

The Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit has everything you need to secure a desktop computer

20th Jul 2015

Setting Up The KP400 Switchable Keyboard

What Is The KP400 Switchable Keyboard? The KP400 switchable keyboard is a full size keyboard…

31st Mar 2015

Hands-On with the KP400 Switchable Keyboard

In-depth demonstartion of the Kensington KP400 keyboard. Use the same keyboard with your Windows laptop and your Android Smartphone.

6th Mar 2015

Case Study: MacBook Air Lock & Riser

Paul Allen Media needed a solution that allowed them to secure their MacBooks without causing offence to their clients or compromising the portability of the MacBook Air.

26th Nov 2014

Do I need to use an Apple Charger?

We’ve all heard stories in the news over the past couple of years about cheap, knockoff USB chargers not only delivering a sub-par charge, but also causing fires and electrocution.

17th Sep 2014