Top Holiday Travel Accessories

Top Holiday Travel Accessories Kensington accessories to make your journey that much easier for you!

7th Dec 2016

Companion Device or Laptop Replacement? Microsoft Surface for Enterprise

Are employers making the most of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? We look at why it will help your business.

4th Nov 2015

Cracking Value: Safeguarding the Surface Pro 4

How will the Surface Pro 4 be used in business? In the office or on-the-go?

21st Oct 2015

Windows 10 Product Release: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

How does the Surface Pro 4 stack up against the competition? Kensington accessories are ready to enhance the capabilities of the device.

9th Oct 2015

Surface Pro 4: Preview and Release

Following the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 announcement, Kensington takes a look back at whether the rumors surrounding its release were correct.

8th Oct 2015

iPad Pro and USB-C: The Future of Connectivity?

How does the new iPad Pro fare in the battle with connectivity?

15th Sep 2015

The Surface Hub: How Businesses Will Benefit

Launched this month, Kensington takes a look at how the Microsoft Surface Hub is likely to impact businesses.

24th Jul 2015

iPad Air 2 vs Surface 3

We look at the latest Surface off the Microsoft conveyor belt and how it compares to the iPad Air 2 for business and productivity.

5th Jun 2015

How can dealers ensure that office workers are healthy and comfortable

How can dealers ensure office workers are healthy and comfortable at work? Jess Pike and Kensington Ergonomics Product Manager investigate.

29th May 2015

20 ways the iPad has impacted work in the past 5 years

To mark the iPad’s real 5th anniversary, not its original announcement, we asked Kensington customers “what impact the iPad has had on them and their work life?”

30th Mar 2015

The Best Tablet in the Business

We look at 5 FAQs about the Surface Pro 3 and the best Microsoft Surface accessories

27th Mar 2015

Is Your Tablet Productive Enough?

5 Input Devices That Boost Tablet Productivity

23rd Mar 2015