Award-Winning Product From Kensington

We’re announcing today the great news that Kensington’s SD3600 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station won “Best Product” in the 2016 North American Product Awards!

26th Jul 2016

Five Steps to Take Control of Your Schedule

Productivity is a key area of focus for any business, but tackling your own and your team’s to-do list is easier said than done. So asked expert Ben Hawkes for his top tips.

17th Jun 2016

Can New Legislation Steady The Work/Life Balance?

Getting the balance right between work and life can be tough. Can work flexibility really improve your workforces productivity?

8th Jun 2016

Charge and Go: Shared Use Cabinets

In a shared use environment, how do you keep all devices charged and ready to go?

10th May 2016

National Walk to Work Month: Feel Fitter and Work Better

It’s National Walk to Work month in the UK and employees are being encouraged to reap the rewards of just 20 minutes exercise before they sit down.

6th May 2016

Is Your Laptop Helping Your Productivity?

Does your laptop enhance your working day or cause frustration? Make sure your chosen device is offering optimal productivity.

8th Apr 2016

Productive Home Working: Luma Surround WiFi Router

Do you have a fast and secure home router to help productivity when working from home? Kensington spoke to the creators of Luma, who offer just this.

23rd Mar 2016

Digital Mindfulness, Single-Tasking and Productivity

Are your employees often overwhelmed by data and digital goings on? Kensington looks at digital mindfulness to achieve productivity.

16th Mar 2016

7 Productivity Apps for IT Professionals in 2016

As an IT manager, how can you make sure your devices are helping enhance your daily productivity?

26th Feb 2016

Windows 10: Increasing Productivity for IT Professionals

Are you one of the 300 million who have upgraded to Windows 10? Make sure you’re making the most of its features.

13th Jan 2016

4K Docking Station: The Best Desktop Accessory

If you had to choose just one desktop accessory, it should be the 4K dock. Here’s why.

28th Aug 2015

Breaking the Trade-Off between BYOD Security and Productivity

What are the implications of BYOD and cloud computing for security and productivity?

26th Aug 2015