Workplace transformation: Strategies for the IT workforce

Strategy doesn’t have to be complex, here’s some simple ways to transform your workplace’s IT structure.

3rd Jun 2016

Social Media: The Lesser Known Security Threat

How aware are your employees of the security threat social media can be to businesses?

12th May 2016

Security in the Age of The Internet of Things

How confident are you in security of the Internet of Things?

20th Apr 2016

RSA 2016: What the World was Talking About

Did you attend the RSA conference this year? We’ve brought you some of the main points discussed.

30th Mar 2016

The Baidu Breach: Consequences of Data Theft

Today, data breaches are all too common. How confident are you in your company’s security strategy?

18th Mar 2016

GDPR and IT Security: Are Your Privacy Practices Future-Proof?

What does the General Data Protection Regulation mean for you organization?

22nd Feb 2016

Beyond the IT Department: OLED Monitors and 4K Displays

Last month, CES was full of conversation about OLED products. As the price of them remains fairly high, take advantage of the built in security slot.

19th Feb 2016

Type-C Testing: Google Engineer Highlights the Importance of Testing to European Safety Standards

Recent USB-C coverage has highlighted the importance of testing to European Safety Standards.

10th Feb 2016

Security Tips for Business Trips and Overseas Travel

Do you feel comfortable travelling overseas with your devices? Read through some essential tips for business travelers.

9th Feb 2016

Beyond the IT Department: Best Buy Projectors with Kensington Security Slots

It’s not just personal devices and desk space technology that needs securing in an office. Projectors are just as vulnerable to theft as laptops or tablets.

18th Jan 2016

Trust Issues: EU Data Privacy Laws and Security Obligations

Have you looked into the EU Data Protection Regulation and how this could affect business? We’ve summarized the key points for you.

11th Jan 2016

In Case of Emergency: Out of Office Security for the Holiday Season

Are you taking your devices home with you this holiday season? If not, Kensington can help to make sure your office is secure.

16th Dec 2015