Type-C Testing: Google Engineer Highlights the Importance of Testing to European Safety Standards

Recent USB-C coverage has highlighted the importance of testing to European Safety Standards.

10th Feb 2016

Security Tips for Business Trips and Overseas Travel

Do you feel comfortable travelling overseas with your devices? Read through some essential tips for business travelers.

9th Feb 2016

Beyond the IT Department: Best Buy Projectors with Kensington Security Slots

It’s not just personal devices and desk space technology that needs securing in an office. Projectors are just as vulnerable to theft as laptops or tablets.

18th Jan 2016

Trust Issues: EU Data Privacy Laws and Security Obligations

Have you looked into the EU Data Protection Regulation and how this could affect business? We’ve summarized the key points for you.

11th Jan 2016

In Case of Emergency: Out of Office Security for the Holiday Season

Are you taking your devices home with you this holiday season? If not, Kensington can help to make sure your office is secure.

16th Dec 2015

K-Slot Devices: Beyond the IT Department – Part II

The Kensington security slot provides peace of mind to manufacturers far beyond the remit of the IT department. Read on for more examples of it in use.

9th Dec 2015

Plane and Simple: Secure Work Solutions for Commuters

Are you working securely when away from the office? How important to you consider both data security and ergonomic well being?

26th Nov 2015

Lock to the Future: IT Trends and Security Measures

Point of sale systems are almost everywhere you look. As contactless and on-the-go payments soar in popularity, are security systems fully prepared?

12th Nov 2015

Security Locks: Beyond the IT Department

The Kensington security slot is arguably the core of the brand. The lesser known fact is that the lock are compatible with far more than just IT devices.

16th Oct 2015

Breaking the Trade-Off between BYOD Security and Productivity

What are the implications of BYOD and cloud computing for security and productivity?

26th Aug 2015

New EU Legislation Makes £150k Glasgow Council Stolen Laptop Fine Appear Low

Read about the impact of the new legislation on data protection.

1st Aug 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Choosing the Best Accessories for Business

5 Microsoft Surface accessories to prepare your device for business.

29th Jul 2015