Every holiday season we all look forward to setting up an out-of-office reply, kicking back and enjoying a well-earned break.  For many, though, the temptation to pack the laptop and take work home is likely to prove irresistible. A home office can be less distracting and a little bit of catching up can pay dividends in Q1, as will rest and relaxation with friends and family. In the age of BYOD and cloud computing, it’s harder than ever to get away from work; but leaving your laptop or device at the office can still go a long way to subduing an overeager work ethic.

If you do choose to leave your device behind when you head home for the holidays, you might worry about its security in a near-deserted office. Similarly, you may also worry about the potential theft of desktop computers or computer accessories. A spike in theft is unfortunately part and parcel of this season.  In this post, we look at a range of security measures that IT decision-makers can take at this time of year to ensure you can enjoy your break, safe in the knowledge that the Grinch can’t steal your laptop.


Laptop and Desktop Security

If you’re leaving your laptop at the office while you’re away, the main priority is to ensure that it’s securely locked away. It may be that your office provides a locker or secure storage cabinet where you leave your device. If this isn’t the case, however, you can still secure your device to a solid surface with Kensington laptop lock. The ClickSafe® Master Access Combination Lock, for example, is a cable lock designed to anchor to any fixed surface, which includes a 4-digit combination and allows for administrative access. Moreover, for IT managers concerned about the security of desktop computers over the festive period, alternatives such as the SafeStand iMac® Locking Station, which fastens to the back of the computer, may provide a simple solution.

Many workers and employers invest in input devices and peripherals with added extras, whether ergonomic features, Bluetooth connectivity or universal compatibility. If you’re having to leave to your docking station on your desk over the holiday season, there are ways to secure it. Kensington have designed a unique Desktop PC & Peripherals Lock Kit, which is able to secure a desktop computer, a couple of peripherals, a keyboard and even a mouse to provide an all-encompassing solution. The kit’s Hidden Pin lock and carbon steel, cut resistant cable give additional peace of mind.


Asset Tagging

Asset tagging is the third and final security measure in our festive security roundup. Anti-theft asset tags can deter potential thieves and increase the likelihood of recovering any stolen assets. Made from anodized metal and other tamperproof materials, they are almost impossible for thieves to remove without either scratching the laptop or breaking up the tag itself. Each tag usually has a company name and address, as well as a code that may be specific to the device or user.

Are you going to be taking your work home with you this holiday? Or are you confident enough to leave you device in the office? Tell us about your office security measures by commenting below or via LinkedIn.