UK ICO Reports 14k data protection concerns
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Annual Report 2014/15 details that it received 2014/15 the ICO received 14,268 data protection concerns in 2014/2015.
Although this does not reflect the number of people affected by a data breach is does point to data breaches being of significant concern to the public.

Council Fined £150,000 For Laptop Theft
1,707 breaches were investigated by the ICO, resulting in companies and organisations exchanging £1.3million in fines to the ICO. While this is £700,000 less than the £2,000,000 fines issues in the previous year, this is a reflection of the ICO being more selective in the organisations that they pursue.
One of the most widely publicized fines in 2013-2014 was issued to Glasgow City Council. Following the loss of two laptops the council was fined £150,000. The ICO also uncovered that the council had a further 74 laptops missing, 6 of which had been confirmed as stolen at the time the BBC reported the story.

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council was fined £150,000 following the loss of two laptops.

2017 EU Legislation imposes greater Financial Penalties
The fast approaching EU General Data Protection Regulation, scheduled to come into force in 2017, is designed to offer data protection enforcers the power to issue greater penalties following a breach, including possible fines up to 2% of a corporation’s annual global turnover. For many organisations this makes the average cost of a fine issued by the ICO of £1973 per laptop pale into insignificance.

Network Breach Risk
Financial penalties aside, the risk to an organisations network security must also be considered.

Kensington’s own study revealed that Company network security is the number one concern of IT Managers following laptop theft.

Even with encryption and tracking precautions, IT Managers still place high value on the peace of mind offered by the physical barrier to theft in the first place represented by a MicroSaver lock. Indeed, 75% of IT Managers believe that believe Physical Security represents better value than software security with built-to-order Master Access security solutions providing a customised layer of security for the primary entry gateways to a company’s network. A stolen laptop.

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