We’re pretty darn close to Bill Gates’ vision of carrying a pocket-sized PC around with us. Many would strongly argue we’re already there with the current technology in our smartphones. Bill is quoted in a 1993 article in the Seattle Times that,  “There’s no reason why you can’t just carry a single little PC about the size of a wallet – a little flat-screen device that has all your authentication credentials.”

Well, many of us already own a Windows computer, probably a laptop, as well as a tablet like the Surface Pro 3 and that pocket-sized PC we commonly refer to as a smartphone.  They’re all great because we love them for what they enable us to achieve. But wouldn’t it be great if you could sit at your desk and use them simultaneously?

Imagine the convenience and productivity gains you’d achieve in typing an email, then toggling your keyboard to a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone, navigating to your messages to write a text, then toggling back to your laptop to respond to your next email.  All from the same keyboard.

Meet the Kensington KP400 Switchable Keyboard.  It pairs with your Windows and Android devices and even offers a wired connection so you don’t need batteries for power.

Here, Kensington VP Ben Thacker shows the productivity gains he’s been enjoying since he started taking advantage of the KP400 Switchable Keyboard in his office.


Does Ben’s usage scenario resonate with you?  Do you use an Android Smartphone and a Windows laptop?