“When I was in school, I didn’t go anywhere without my Mead Trapper Keeper. For a naturally unorganized person, it helped me keep my school assignment and notes organized and in one place. Because they had color coordinating products, it was easy to assign classes different colors to easily switch out of my binder when needed.” Was this you?!

Today Mead, the maker of the original Trapper Keeper offers a wide range of products to keep kids organized:

  • Pocket folders, with anywhere from 2 to 8 pockets, some with center prongs, which are great for reports.
  • Trapper Keeper Binders that can hold up to 4 notebooks and folders that now comes with a snap to make sure everything stays inside and organized.
  • Dividers to keep subjects separate from each other.
  • Planners which will help keep daily activities organized, it now also comes with the “snapper feature” to keep items inside secure.
  • Notebooks, that come in three sizes that easily snap in and out of your binder as needed.

The Trapper Keeper isn’t just for Kids: Mead makes all sorts of great products, and don’t think they’re just for kids. For instance, my co-worker always has the small 7” x 4.375 notebook in her purse and in her car. It’s great for jotting down numbers, reminders and making additions to shopping lists. Having everything organized in one place is far better than writing down numbers and notes on the back of a register receipt that gets thrown away or on sticky notes that usually stick to things they’re not supposed to. Notebooks are also great for making grocery and shopping lists and even Christmas lists. Binders are great to organize coupons, my mom uses the dividers to separate grocery items, from pet foods, health/beauty and household items. She has one just to hold bills, warranties, insurance and health information. My co-worker Kirstie even has a section for her dog Barkley to keep track of his vet visits, shots, dog tags, etc.

Best Trapper Keeper Ever—Now for Tablets

The Trapper Keeper is a true icon of the 80’s and was the main topic on both South Park and The Family Guy, I’m hard pressed to think of another school supply that had two of the top shows of the 80’s create a story line around them. Seth McFarland must have been huge fan of the Trapper Keeper as well. With the addition of the new Trapper Keeper for tablets such as the iPad, a whole new generation will be given the opportunity to grow fond of their Trapper.

Here’s pictures of my iPad 4th gen in the new Trapper Keeper 10” Universal case taken on my iPhone 4S with instagram:  See the full line up of Mead Collection tablet cases at www.kensington.com/TrapperKeeper

Blue Trapper Keeper 10" Universal Tablet Case

It’s true, Trapper Keeper is back for Tablets!

blue trapper keeper with iPad 4th gen in viewing mode

iPad 4th gen in Trapper Keeper 10″ Tablet Case

Just the right amount of padding

Cosy comfort for your Tablet

Trapper Keeper closed

It’s got the Trapper Keeper name on it!

silicone corners hold iPad 4th gen safely in place

Securely held