In true #FlashbackFriday style, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and look at the technology that has shaped life as we know it today!

The Typewriter

Part of a typing pool? You’ll remember these!

Typewriters were machines used for producing documentation, originally invented in the 1860s, but popular all the way into the 1980s.



Do you remember being able to place a call to anyone you liked? Through the operator of course. Or perhaps you were the operator, trying your best not to cut anyone off!

Cord switchboards reigned from the 1940s and were replaced by the more efficient electronic switchboards in the 1980s.


The Pager

The days when your boss finally got the power to summon you at the click of a button.

Pagers (also known as beepers) were wireless telecommunications devices that received and displayed numeric and/or voice messages – they were originally developed for physicians in 1950.


The Screen Projector

Remember when you had to turn the lights off to show your colleagues your work? When it was normal for all important presentations to take place in the dark?

Projectors arrived in the 1950s and were used to shine an image or slide onto a surface or wall.


Rotary Dial Phones

If there was a 999 emergency, we were in trouble.

To place a call, the dial was rotated to the correct number and then was released, an incredibly tedious process. Push-button phones gained popularity after their introduction in 1963.


The Floppy Disk

Ah the good old floppy disk, what a relief it was to be able to safeguard that piece of work and even share it with others!

Mainstreamed in 1981 and a revolution in the computing industry, it was the most popular portable digital-storage medium for years.


The Fax Machine

Forget snail mail, get it there now!

In the 1980’s fax machines became a popular method of communication with consumers as it meant that documentation could be with the recipient just minutes after you sent it.



Telex machines

Remember when you were sat successfully sending messages, until someone trod on your tape, breaking the whole system?

Sending messages to other companies was never easier after the telex machines were brought out in the 1980s and was used widely across business.


Commodore 64

This home computer is listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling single model of all time! Did you have one?

Brought out in 1982, the machine could be connected to any home television set and stood out as the most versatile computer, with an estimated 17 million units sold.


Personal Organizers

It was a modern luxury to be able to digitally check your calendar on the go!

The digital organizer meant on-the-go businessmen could make use of the memo pad, phone book, calendar and scheduler to keep their productivity levels at a premium. What did people do before these came out?


Bulletin Boards and Modems

Remember the days before the world was at your fingertips thanks to that small miracle called the internet?

The 1990s saw the use of telephone lines to talk to each other from across the globe using bulletin board systems and simple modems.


What piece of classic tech do you remember most fondly? Which were you happiest to see the back of? Let us know by commenting below or joining in the conversation on our Facebook page.

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