Flexible, on-the-go working is a topic that has been widely discussed at Kensington. As the traditional fixed office desk continues to evolve into a portable workspace, the importance of reliable computer accessories proportionately increases. In the same way, the need for a reliable network connection is at an all-time high, with employees and businesses alike relying on the internet to perform even the smallest of tasks.

Whilst a fast, secure connection is perhaps taken for granted within an office space – thanks to the IT Manager – working from home, on-the-go, or in a rented co-working space doesn’t promise employees the same security or reliability. Kensington recently spoke to the brains behind Luma, a home WiFi network that promises to keep every home connection running, personalized and completely secure.

Their mission was to create the ‘simplest, most secure and most reliable home network that’s equipped for the technology of today and tomorrow.’ Kensington actively encourages flexible working on the understanding that companies ensure their employees are working securely – Luma is putting one foot forward and delivering exactly that to anyone who works from home.

Luma_Floating_Family copy

We sat down with Paul and Mike, the creaters of Luma, and talked about how this product is aligned with the future of the professional workplace.

Was there one situation in particular that made you realise the gap in the market for this product?

Paul: Together, Mike and I have spent over two decades working on providing complex network systems for the enterprise, and know first-hand how powerful the internet can be. Yet at home, the WiFi experience is just plain dumb, and barely even lets us stream Netflix or make a Skype call. We saw the opportunity to bring enterprise WiFi to the home, with the same level of speed, coverage and security that the enterprise is accustomed to.

Mike: Being a parent myself, I also realized that child safety is something that any modern and complete internet system needs, so it was imperative to incorporate that component as well.  

Has the increase in flexible working contributed towards the need for something like this?

Paul: Definitely–with more people working from home, they’re finding that it’s equally important to have a home network that is as fast and secure as any office network.

Mike: The need spans much broader than the work-from-home crowd though–the market for home WiFi solutions is huge. Nearly every urban citizen today has home WiFi, and nearly everyone hates it. It’s seen as little more than a necessary evil in our lives. People are worried about their safety and their kids’ safety online, the security of their devices and they’re fed up with the difficulty of setting up a router. They want more–that’s where Luma comes in.


Security is often a barrier between to truly flexible, on-the-go working. How does Luma ensure that whilst working at home, people can be sure their network is secure?

Paul: Mike and I have spent the bulk of our careers building leading security companies and protecting servers for top Fortune 500 companies. Now, we’ve taken that same technology and expertise to Luma, to bring that enterprise-grade security to the home network.

Why do you think the ‘nomad working’ trend is currently on the rise? Is this something you think will continue to grow over the coming years?

Paul: The growing breadth and performance of the internet has allowed employees to be more flexible in their working location.

Mike: Exactly. We’re seeing static programs like Microsoft Word give way to more collaborative solutions like Google Docs and Slack, where colleagues and partners can work simultaneously over WiFi – whether they’re in Seattle or Shanghai. We expect the work remote “trend” to continue for years to come, and have designed Luma in part for that purpose–to ensure remote employees that their network is always safe, speedy and secure, regardless of where they are.

Did you have a target industry or individual in mind during creation?

Paul: Not really–our target individual is pretty much every person who has had a bad experience with his/her WiFi network! Whether you’re looking specifically for faster internet, easy yet comprehensive parental controls or security against hackers across all your in-home devices (or a combo of the 3!) Luma is a solution that everyone can benefit from.  


Would your current home network be suitable for use in the office? Would you trust the level of security and rely on the download speed? The future of flexible working is going to rely heavily on these two questions and it is essential that employees are considering the implications of working on a less than optimum network connection.

At Kensington, we’re always on the lookout for products that are contributing to the future of the professional workspace and Luma certainly fits the bill. For employees working from home, this guarantees a personal network connection with enterprise level security. You can currently pre-order single or bulk packages at 50% and if you frequently work from home, we’d recommend taking a look.

For further information on secure and productive working at home or on-the go, get in touch with one of the Kensington team through the website or over on LinkedIn.