The launch of Windows 10, the latest Microsoft OS, has given consumers and enterprise an operating system that is at once innovative and familiar. Designed to work on different devices and platforms, it has the potential to deliver an intuitive user experience on almost any device, whether a smart phone or traditional desktop PC. For businesses and consumers who have upgraded to Windows 10, a number of Kensington USB hubs, docking stations and video adapters are already compatible. The following Kensington products are all compatible with Windows 10 with drivers available to download here.

  • Multi-Display Adapter

Drivers are available for the Kensington USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter (K33974AM), enabling users to connect a monitor, projector or TV screen to Windows 10 devices.

  • Docking Stations

Windows 10 drivers for the 4K Universal Docking Station (SD4000) and the USB 3.0 SD3000 Series (SD3500v and SD3000v) are also available to download from our website. The product codes for the compatible docking stations are K33983AM, K33972US and K33970US.

  • Video Adapters

All future 4K, HDTV and VGA 2K adapters will be compatible with devices running Windows 10. More information about these products will be released later this month.

Kensington will continue to develop and produce smart, safe and simple accessories for Windows 10 devices to meet the diverse needs of consumers and enterprise.

If you have any questions concerning the Windows 10 compatibility of any Kensington products, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team, either through the relevant product page or by contacting us here.