With technology playing a significant role in the field of K-12 education, it is important that we consider it’s values.  The iPad is an example of new classroom technology and we will look at some of the iPad’s wide ranging applications.  Here are ten of the most popular.

  1. The key with the iPad is applications, or apps. According to Apple, there are in excess of 65000 different educational applications designed exclusively for the iPad. (1)
  2. The simplest use of the technology is as an e-book reader.  The selection of educational texts, for all stages is comprehensive and increasing constantly.
  3. Internet research tool. – The advent of Wi Fi has allowed the internet to proliferate throughout schools so the need to cram into a IT unit is no longer necessary.  The iPad can be used anywhere.
  4. Presentations are a fundamental part of education and the iPad negates the need for copious amounts of notes and drawings as they can be collated and presented directly from the tablet onto the big screen for the whole class to experience.
  5. School magazines and blogs can be made readily available using iPad allowing all students access to important information or simply keep up and coming social events.
  6. The iPad works as a powerful note taking device. With touch keyboard access and intuitive typing applications, it can be used outside the classroom on field trips, allowing the student to produce original work developed from the trip before completing the piece back in the classroom.  Using the iPad to capture photographs or video is common place.
  7. Music – Educational music applications are coming on stream continuously allowing students to interact dynamically with the iPad and get to grips with the fundamentals of music creation.
  8. Due to the ability to design tailor made applications, it is possible to create lesson plans and content for any niche subject, expanding the iPads usefulness into every classroom scenario.
  9. With the comparative ease of charging iPads within the school environment, it is possible to load a full days lesson plan without the need to return to a given location on a regular basis, enhancing flexibility.
  10. iPad allows lessons to become interactive, enhancing the experience for students and taking learning to another level.

Above is a small range of the uses iPad has in the classroom and there are many more educational applications coming on stream regularly, further enhancing iPads growing reputation as an educational tool.

(1) App information – www.apple.com/education/ipad/apps-books-and-more