So it was only 20 days ago that we were saying “out with the old and in with the new” but as we bed into 2014, which of the most popular apps are we most likely to have kept? In addition, what new developments can we expect in this ever-growing market?

Here are 15 of the Apps tipped to be the best for the year ahead.

1. Carrot

If you’re organizationally challenged and struggle to stay on top of your daily routine then Carrot is a great way of addressing your issues. It’s not a free app but for $1.99 it turns your to do list into a game and can therefore incentivize you to get more done!

2. Any.Do

If you prefer to keep your apps ‘spend free’ then any do is one of the best alternatives to the paid Carrot version. It has a very easy to understand process and has won a number of awards for providing an effective solution to organizing your life.

3. CityMapper

Travel Apps are big business and are among the most downloaded solutions on any Smartphone. CityMapper is expected to go big in 2014 because it is so comprehensive and offers real time solutions to any travel delays.

Better still, the take me home button instantly returns you to where you are staying.

4. Hailo

If you’re still walking into the street to hail a cab then you’re living in the Stone Age. Hailo has worked to build a network of taxi services in major cities across the world and their list currently includes New York, London, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta.

Hailo makes it easy to organize your ride and with that list of cities still growing, it will make huge advances in the coming year.

5. Eatwith

There are a number of apps showing great places to dine out but Eatwith is getting a good press right now. This is an app with a difference as it allows users to sample meals in individual homes, thereby giving a real taste of the country’s cuisine.

Currently, there are 400 hosts in 20 nations but once again, that number is rising and is set to blossom through 2014.

6. Word Bingo

Learning Apps for kids continue to attract their share of the market and in a crowded sector, Word Bingo is one of the most popular.

This is a great starter app, teaching children to recognize words by sight and for just 99 cents it is virtually guaranteed to grow significantly in the year ahead

7. ABC Wildlife

Children start to identify with animals from an early age but ABC Wildlife is a popular app because it is so comprehensive.

Any piece of software can tell us about dogs and cats but this is more advanced – moving into agouti and aardvark territory meaning that it holds a child’s interest more than its competitors.

8. Reeder 2

There is an extensive selection of news apps around but Reeder 2 is arguably more comprehensive and faster to update that anyone else.

For those who want news on the go, those are the two key areas you need so for around $4.99 it’s a modest investment for a powerful news solution.

9. Adobe Photoshop Express

Professional photo editing is usually best reserved for the PC but Adobe have now transferred their platform successfully onto IOS. So you can dispense with the cartoon gimmicks that come with most photo apps – this is high quality editing in action with results as good as equivalent packages for PCs and Laptops.

10. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

So far we’ve overlooked mobile gaming but graphics and sound continue to improve and this package is arguably the best yet.

Cost is around $7.99 and the brilliant control is another main factor that will see sales of this app rocket throughout the New Year.

11. Little Alchemy

If you’re not interested in full on gaming then puzzle apps can fill those frustrating voids on the subway or in the home when you need to keep your brain active.

Little Alchemy gets you to collect elements to complete the science puzzle. It’s free, fun and as users confirm, it’s highly addictive too!

12. Divvy Up

Ever argued over a restaurant bill? Who had the cheap Pizza and who consumed that expensive lobster? Divvy Up is a simple app that allows you to photograph that bill and allocate each meal to individual members of the party.

Guaranteed to end arguments, Divvy Up can go big as soon as users become more aware of such a useful piece of software.

13. Nook

There are plenty of Kindle wannabees out there but Nook comes closest to competing with Amazon’s baby in terms of an extensive library.

This app has recently been released by Barnes and Noble and gives you free access to over a million books and documents from within its vast back catalogue.

14. Weebly

WordPress still rules for many would be website owners but Weebly is a serious competitor and the simplicity of its app should see it capture a number of new clients through 2014.

Here you can build your own HTML 5 website which works across all browsers and built in stats reports means you don’t have to visit Google Analytics to monitor your traffic.

15. Google Drive

We can’t forget work…if you need to work on files that you created on your windows laptop on your iOS iPad Google Drive offers you a practical solution.  Google tell us that it’s “one safe place for all your stuff”.  And it is.  

It’s premise is simple: Place any file in the Drive and access it from wherever you are on any wifi enabled device.


2014 promises to be a big year for new apps but what one piece of software would make your life easier in the year ahead?