3 IT Security Policies for Lost & Stolen Laptops
So you’re an IT Manager, an apologetic employee has admitted to losing their laptop, and you’re now faced with dropping everything to get them up and running again.
It seems bizarre that in the era of multi device and office 365, workers are so frequently rendered redundant as soon as they cannot access the email folders, network shortcuts and other resources stored on their hard drives. The disabling effect on an office based worker is akin to the dreaded blue screen error. It’s your job to clear up the result of poor memory management and failure to backup. Sure, you’ll receive thanks, but you probably won’t see the employee again until they need another favor!
At Kensington we’re in the business of protecting your business. That means protecting your time, your resources and your productivity. And yes, we champion the deployment of laptop locks for use in and out of the office to prevent the number one cause of network breaches and employee downtime. Laptop theft. Through partnering with IT departments on a daily basis we also understand the positive effect suitable laptop theft policies can have on employee compliance and laptop loss metrics.
Here are three approaches to laptop theft policies that we’ve recently encountered summarized in the IT Managers own words:

3 IT Security Policies for Laptop Theft

  1. Zero Tolerance Policy
    – “We terminate any employee who loses a laptop”
  2. 3 Strike Policy
    – “1st Laptop is free”
    – “2nd Laptop is a written warning and 50{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} of the price for a replacement new laptop”
    – “3rd Laptop (yes. It happened). Termination”
  3. Cost if Lost Policy
    – “Simple here. We have the user go file a police report with signed affidavit and then they pay for the lost laptop if it isn’t found.”

What is the right laptop theft policy for your organization? The answer will foster high levels of employee compliance and protect your time! If you are reading this and you are not an IT manager you may consider the ramifications if you had to report a lost laptop to your boss.
The Register recently shared ViaSat UK’s revelation that that between March 2014 and March 2015, UK police forces alone received at least 13,000 reports of thefts of devices that could hold sensitive data from businesses . Your organization will have suffered laptop theft and it could happen to you. Don’t let it!

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