We recently revealed that 21{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} of our customers are now working more often at home than they were 5 years ago. So it’s only natural to ask them what they are using to be so productive when working from home!

So we asked our customers two additional questions:

  1. How many of them have a dedicated home workstation?
  2. What devices do you use at least once a week?


We discovered that 76{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} have a dedicated home office. With so many people using a dedicated home workspace, what accessories are they relying on? Here’s the top 5 home office accessories used by Kensington customers in the USA, UK and Australia. You can view our full Productivity Trends 2015 Report at Kensington.com

Kensington Productivity Trends Report 2015 Infographic

The Top 5 Home Office Accessories used at least once a week

  1. Tablet

Tablets have migrated into all rooms in the home, so it’s no surprise that the tablet is the most prevalent device. Our 2014 research showed that 2{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} of Americans admit to using their tablet in the bathroom. As the iPad reaches the 5th anniversary of its first sale in the USA, the iPad has become synonymous with the BYOD movement, where devices from home are being brought into offices. And, likewise, we’re sure that many work-issued iPads make their way into people’s homes. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 may become a game changer …

  1. Printer

Whether it’s printing shipping labels, invoices, direct mail or a reluctance to rely solely on cloud storage, the printer takes the 2nd place spot as the most-used home office accessory. If you’re looking for help printing from your iPad, PC Mag provides a helpful overview of the options available to you.

  1. Shredder

Our customers are sensible folk, especially when it comes to protecting their business. We’re glad to report that hot on the heels of the printer is the shredder. If the last time you used a shredder was when they could have gobbled your tie and you had to wear ear guards, it is probably time to review the latest shredding technology. This video by Swingline Shredders provides a good overview for those shopping for a new shredder for the home office.

  1. Additional Monitor

It’s not surprising that these ranked so highly for the home worker. Clearly, the productivity gains enjoyed by office workers are also highly prized by those working from home. Adding a second monitor is a very simple. Making use of a universal dock also allows the home workstation to be used by any member of the family, whether they wish to make use of their MacBook, laptop or Surface Pro. You can view our options at Kensington.com.

  1. Photocopier

Duplication can be productive — as proven by the high preference for working with a second screen. Much like the keyboard is to the laptop and the second monitor is to the dock, the photocopier is the ultimate symbol of productivity gains.

What would you add to our list of top 5 home office accessories?

For some inspiration here’s a selection of 7 home office pictures provide by some of our European co-workers.

home office set ups

Second Screen Home Office Set Ups

home office photo

Single Screen Home Office Set Ups