Two Factor and Multi Factor Authentication for Individuals, Businesses, and Windows Hello Users

Biometric Authentication VeriMark

Biometric authentication has become the de facto standard for high performance security, enabling users to secure their laptops with fingerprint sensing.





The FIDO Alliance is the world’s largest ecosystem for standards-based, interoperable authentication. By defining open and scalable standards that enable simpler and more secure user authentication experiences across many websites and mobile services, the FIDO ecosystem enables better security for online services, reduced cost for the deploying enterprise, and a simpler and safer consumer experience.


Kensington’s VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key, integrating the smallest size touch sensor available. The first of its kind anywhere in the world, the VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key combines superior biometric performance and 360-degree readability with anti-spoofing technology and fingerprint activated collaboration capabilities.

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