Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit

What it does

Secure one computer and multiple peripherals, all with one locking it

What You’ll Need

  • A desk/environment where you have all you computer equipment (i.e. computer, printer, monitor etc)
  • A sturdy immovable strong fixture for tethering the cable

Parts &Usage

User Keys (qty. 2)
These are for locking/unlocking the cable lock



Cable Trap (qty. 1)
This is a ‘U’ shaped metal bracket with a holes. Wired peripherals should be place in the bracket, then the cable should pass through the holes at the top. Doing ensure the wires are no long all over the place.

Cable trap

Cable Trap

Lock Cable (qty. 1)
This is the lock cable which runs through all the eyelets, holes, etc. . It is tethered to a main fixture on one end and the computer on the other.

Lock Cable

Lock Cable

Slot Eyelets (qty. 4)
These are 2 pairs of thin metal rectangular plates with holes in them and a ‘stem’ one end. Use one for tethering to the back of the monitor (if it has a Kensington slot available) and the other for your computer (if it has a Kensington slot available).

  1. Put the plates together with the ‘T’ plate a little farther out
  2. Insert the plate into the slot
  3. Turn 90 degrees clockwise
  4. The push the other plate (should be on top) into the slot, match up the holes
  5. Run the cable through the holes once in place
Slot eyelets

Slot Eyelets

Pass Through Anchor (qty. 1)
Apply this adhesive anchor to a peripheral device such as a printer. Once secure you can run the cable through.

Pass-through anchor

Pass Through Anchor

Alcohol pad (qty. 1)
For cleaning the surface of an area before applying the Pass through anchor