The Surface Pro 3 is gaining ground as business professionals start looking to replace their laptops.  Thanks to their large onboard storage space, full Windows support, powerful internal processors -up to an Intel Core i7- and highly versatile cover/keyboard, the Surface Pro 3 is a strong contender for being the best business-focused mobile device on the market.

Of course, hardware is only as good as the software it runs.  The Surface Pro 3 has a wide range of excellent accessories and business applications, making it a great choice for financial professionals desiring a go-anywhere device.

Five Great Financial Apps For The Microsoft Surface Pro 3


NASDAQ OMX – Directors Desk 

Director’s Desk is a robust and highly-secure solution for document collaboration at the highest levels of business.  Its intuitive interface is a breeze to navigate on a Surface Pro.  Plus, its “Presenter Mode” is perfect for use with a docked Surface Pro 3 acting as workstation, sending the visuals directly to a second monitor or an overhead projector.


ProfitStars MMi

ProfitStars Margin Maximizer Interactive (MMi) is a Microsoft-exclusive financial management software and portal that brings unparalleled oversight to your financial services.  It focuses on maximizing your net interest income through an always-on 24/7 portal that enhances every element of your customer/member interactions.  Even the most complicated ROE, ROA, and net income calculations can be performed in two minutes or less.


Intellimatch Operational Control

Intellimatch Operational Control brings full oversight and plenty of automation to your reconciliation services, increasing transparency and helping you stay in compliance with legal regulations.  Its real-time view of your systems quickly reconciles everything from Nostro to ATMs, along with a full suite of monitoring software and alert systems.


Direct Sales Agent

Another Microsoft exclusive, Direct Sales Agent from Veripark brings your agents and loan officers a powerful tool for completing product sales wherever they go.  It brings together all information on a lead\client to ensure your agents have the most possible data, and a simple interface for streamlining successful conversions.



Microsoft’s own OneNote is still among the best apps for simple, effective document collection and sharing.  Its support for virtually any format, including freeform handwriting, makes it a perfect note-taking app.  Plus, it can be activated directly from your Surface Pro’s lock screen with a tap of the Surface Pen for instant access.

Are you using the Surface Pro in your financial work?  Which apps do you recommend?