What Is The KP400 Switchable Keyboard?

The KP400 switchable keyboard is a full size keyboard that allows users to toggle between their desktop and portable device, controlling both directly from the keyboard.


Increase productivity/continuity. Focus is easily disrupted when you have to stop typing (e.g. while composing email, programming etc.). With your hands already on the keyboard, you can easily switch between devices without having to:

  • Reach for the device
  • Return the device to a base/cradle
  • Remember / refocus where you paused your work


What You’ll Need

  1. Computer with a USB port
  2. KP400 Switchable Keyboard
  3. Mobile device (e.g. Tablet, mouse etc)
  4. 2  AAA batteries (if using wireless)


Wired Setup

  1. Connect the KP400 to your computer using the supplied USB cable. The driver will automatically be installed
  2. Underneath the keyboard, press the Bluetooth button to enable pairing with your mobile device
  3. To complete the process, see Pairing Your Mobile Device & KP400 Keyboard
KP400 Keyboard Bluetooth Switch

The KP400 Keyboard Bluetooth Button


Wireless Setup

On the KP400 Keyboard

  1. Make sure 2 new AAA batteries inserted in the Keyboard
  2. On the bottom of the keyboard, turn the switch to ON
  3. Press the wireless button to begin pairing


KP400 Keyboard Bluetooth Switch

KP400 Keyboard Bluetooth Switch

On the Computer…

  1. In the Start Menu, click Devices and Printers (also accessible from Control Panel)
  2. Click Add a Device. Within a few seconds the KP400 should appear in the list of devices. Click it and follow steps to complete adding the device
  3. To complete the pairing process, see Pairing Your Mobile Device & KP400 Keyboard


Adding the KP400 Keyboard Yo Your Computer

Adding the KP400 Keyboard To Your Computer

Pairing Your Mobile Device & KP400 Keyboard

  1. Press the Bluetooth button to enable pairing with your mobile device
  2. On the front of the KP400, the Bluetooth indicator will start blinking in pairing mode
  3. On your mobile device, click the Start Search to find your KP400 keyboard and tap on the name
  4. You will be given a pairing code (e.g. R942A) to enter on your new keyboard. Enter the code on your new KP400 and you will be connected to the device. Setup is now complete


KP400 Keyboard Pairing Light

KP400 Keyboard Pairing Light


3 years


Mobile Device Tips

  • Toggle between Desktop and Mobile mode, using the CTRL and 1 keys
  • Use the TAB key to step through the app icons
  • Use the ENTER key to open apps, links etc.
  • Use the ESC key to close apps, etc.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate to other screens on your device
  • Note : Some browsers like Chrome, use CTRL + n (e.g. CTRL + 2) to switch tabs. Since CTRL + 1 is used by the KP400, use CTRL + TAB (to cycle to the desired tab)


Tech Specs

  • USB cable: 182.6cm (6”) long, USB/Micro USB
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 44.5cm(17.5”) wide, 2.03cm(0.8”) high, 12.7(5”) depth
  • Weight: approximately 0.113kg (0.25 lbs


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