There is no getting around the fact that working on the go – be that during your commute or on your way to a meeting overseas – is at an all-time high. We’ve discussed here before that this is down to the availability of portable devices and slim line connectivity accessories.  Quite simply, it is now possible for you to efficiently work anywhere you go, without needing to be surrounded by a fully equipped workspace.

The key point of concern in these scenarios remains safety, in two unique capacities – both data security and ergonomic wellbeing should be considered when continually working away from a static desk. The need to get work done on your journey to and from the office often outweighs the risk that business sensitive information is on display to your neighboring commuters. According to Iron Mountain research in 2013, 72{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} of people look over the shoulder of the person sitting next to them to take a quick look at what they’re working on. This equates to 1 in 5 commuters having cast their eye over confidential or highly sensitive information.

Although a common issue, there are simple measures which go a long way in securing the data on your screen. Laptop privacy screens limit the field of vision to +/– 30 degrees so that wandering eyes to your left or right are unable to read what is on your screen. Additionally, privacy filters create a reduction in the blue light omitted from a laptop screen, thus also protecting your own vision. As blue light is known to interrupt sleep patterns and cause retinal damage, accessories such as this are becoming popular on a far wider scale as companies take a more invested interested in the wellbeing of their employees, as well as in the security of their data.

privacy screen

1 in 5 people, at director level or above, find the airport business lounge an easy-access point for reading over someone’s shoulder or glancing at their screen. As well as screen privacy however, laptop bags and briefcases should be safeguarded when placed at your feet or on the chair next to you. A portable ClickSafe lock is the easiest way to ensure that you can let go of your bag without worrying about the security of the information inside it. Perhaps not necessary during your twice a day commute, locks such as these should be seen as a core component of personal technology security.

As well as working securely, being aware of ergonomic impact on your own wellbeing is an important element to consider when working on the go. Heavy bags and luggage account for an increasing number of back injury claims both in a personal and professional capacity, and therefore it is important to invest in a bag which enables you to travel and commute safely. The Contour Laptop Backpack affords you easy mobility with a clear focus on ergonomic wellbeing. A fully adjustable lumbar support uses a contoured panel to restrict the weight on your lower back while shock absorbing shoulder straps help to keep the load as light as possible. While this may seem like an added luxury, considering this now will see you reaping the rewards 10 or 20 years down the line!

Ergo bag

At Kensington, we’ve placed great focus this year on examining just how to enhance on-the-go working – productivity and efficiency can be optimized through investing in the right computer accessories and implementing best practice strategies. However it is just as important to consider safety, in both the capacities mentioned above. With so many security and ergonomic accessories available, there is no need to compromise on any of these factors.

How do you ensure you are travelling and working securely? Do you deal with highly sensitive information when working on the go? Join in the conversation over on LinkedIn.