Make the Best Connection with your multiple devices at your desk. An extensive range of universal docks, hubs and adapters Kensington provides top-quality solutions for your laptops. So whether you’re connecting a second screen, hooking up a new 4K monitor to your Windows laptop or tablet, or lack sufficient USB ports for all your accessories, Kensington has the answers for all your connectivity needs.

Docking Stations Designed for Business will provide professional-grade that is protected by superior warranties in and out of the office. Check out some of our featured docks from convenience at your desk, to on the go, and keep up with Kensington for our upcoming Thunderbolt 3 Dock that was announced at CES 2017.

SD4600P USB-C™ Universal Dock with Power
Leading the Charge in USB-C Productivity

Make your transition to USB-C connectivity as smooth as possible and is compatible with Windows®, Mac OS® and Chrome OS® devices, allowing you to plug in a single cable that delivers 4K video, charges your laptop and offers high-speed data transfer. Plus, you get instant access to all your peripheral desktop accessories. Zero Footprint mounting makes it ideal for workstations with limited space and it’s Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible.

SD1500 USB-C™ Mobile Dock
A Compact USB-C Docking Station for the Mobile Professional

Designed for mobile professionals this dock is ideal when you’re traveling and need a productive desktop environment. The dock allows your USB-C laptop to display video out up to a 4K or 1080p HD monitor or projector, connect via Ethernet to a wired network and offers USB port expansion for a mouse, keyboard or memory device. The industrial design allows the USB-C cable to be stowed neatly into the dock when it’s not in use, providing better mobility. The docking station is compatible with Windows, Mac and Chrome systems, as well as Thunderbolt™ 3 ports.

SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station — Black
Get 4K Your Way for Better Productivity

Enabling 4K Ultra HD, even when your laptop doesn’t have a 4K graphics card. As well as serving as a central hub and charger for all your peripherals, the dock provides Ultra HD (3840x2160) to a single 4K monitor or TV via an HDMI or DisplayPort connection. When using two additional monitors instead of one, the dock provides 2K resolution to each screen (2048x1152). There are three available USB 3.0 ports that support transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, including one that provides 2.1 AMP fast charging for a tablet or smartphone. There’s also a gigabit Ethernet port so you have a reliable, wired network connection.