Kensington is the Professionals’ Choice in Ergonomics providing comfort and enhancing productivity through our SmartFit® System. Check out the most convenient products that keep your health and productivity in mind.

The Professionals’ Choice solutions cater to all employee needs. Ergonomics is important in preventing non-fatal injuries that can cause a week or more of time off needed by employees. Ergonomic related injuries can cost between $60-$82,000 per case. Good workplace ergonomics benefit you decreasing workers compensation costs by 81{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} and reduce incident rates by 64{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3}. This keeps your employees comfortable to work so they spend more time in your office instead of the doctor’s office.

ErgoSoft™ Wrist Rests
Feel The Difference

Feel the difference that was scientifically developed to prevent injury while optimizing comfort. They feature an ultra-soft exterior supported by gel cushioning in a variety of styles to accommodate the different needs of mechanical, gaming, slim, or standard sized keyboards and mice. Combining unmatched softness that are ergonomist approved to offer optimal health, comfort and protection through proper alignment, tailored dimensions and unique curved design.

Privacy Filter Selector Tool
Filter Out Up to 30{3bd8d559a10c7b53d43ee5a40432883f63579c4fd6edc8dac88954d74ee5f2b3} of Harmful Rays
The Selector Tool that will help you pick the right product for your devices.

Help protect the sensitive information on your monitor and reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data on your screen. It also reduces blue light which will ease eye strain and reduce the chances of the blue light interrupting your natural sleep patterns.

SmartFit® Extra Wide Monitor Stand
Lift Your Monitor for Optimal Viewing

The base of the stand is universal and large enough to fit a wide variety of standard and widescreen monitors up to 18kg. with a screen size of up to 27 inches. For desktop optimization the roughly 20.5” area underneath the stand is extra wide and can be used to store a full-size keyboard, accessories or papers, allowing you to maximize your desktop space.

SmartFit® Laptop Riser with Wireless Phone Charging Pad
Where Ergonomics Meets Convenience

Provides a Zero Footprint environment that is height adjustable and works within the Kensington SmartFit® system. The Professionals’ Choice also provides convenient charging for your smartphone with a dedicated wireless Qi charging pad. Zero Footprint mounting so you can mount any compatible Kensington universal dock underneath the laptop platform, keeping your desktop less cluttered.