Kensington provides world-class security for your important laptops, computers and devices. Check out our top and most recent solutions to protect your devices from theft. Device theft is one of the leading causes of data theft – get a head start with these convenient preventative measures!

Kensington also includes the Register & Retrieve™ program for all customers to register their locks and products with their passcodes and easy replacement key orders. Being a part of the Register & Retrieve™ program allows you to stay organized and efficient throughout the process of securing your devices.

NanoSaver™ Keyed & Keyed Dual Head Laptop Locks
Next Generation Security for Ultra-Thin Devices

Designed to fit the Kensington Nano Security Slot. This secures your ultra-thin laptops and tablet devices. The NanoSaver fits the new and popular HP Pro X2 that was debuted at the Mobile Congress February 28, 2017. Check out our press release for more information!

N17 Keyed & Keyed Dual Head Laptop Locks
The Strongest Security for Dell Laptops & Tablets

The N17 Keyed locks were developed to fit Non-Standard Security Lock Slots to be accommodating to all professionals no matter what devices and products they use. This product is for specific use of our Dell users and customers with the more recent Dell devices.

Locking Kit for Surface™ Studio
Seamlessly Designed to Secure the Studio

Secure your Microsoft Surface™ Studio with our integrated design through the use of the MiniSaver™ keyed lock. For graphic designers, videographers and those in the entertainment industry this is your best bet to protect your beautiful Microsoft Surface™. Learn more from our Blog Post!

MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Laptop Locks
Smaller Size, No Compromise

The MicroSaver 2.0 comes in 3 options in order to protect your devices based on type of device and environment you are in. The MicroSaver 2.0 is the next generation of laptop security.

  1. The MicroSaver 2.0 setting the standard for security.
  2. The MicroSaver 2.0 for Ultra thin laptop locks and devices.
  3. The MicroSaver 2.0 Portable that is best for highly mobile professionals.