The digital age has made us crazy about our gadgets but top of the popularity stakes are the iPad, the best-selling tablet on the market and of course the iPhone. These, and other gadgets are great to own and they are all designed to make life easier and fun at the same time but possessing the latest in high tech may make you an attractive target for thieves.

A best-selling device becomes a top target for burglars while the small, slim designs mean that the iPhone and the iPad can easily become lost or damaged so what is the best all round package for keeping your favorite gadgets safe and protected?

Stay Secure in the home

Your iPhone should travel with you at all times and although an iPad is a completely portable device it’s not always possible to take it with you to work, college or on vacation. If your tablet does need to be left in the house then security is vital if you are to keep it away from opportunist and professional thieves.

A home security system is a priority but if the worst does happen and a burglar breaks into your house then there are certain hiding spots that are safer than others. You could consider concealing your tablet in a toy box or alternatively it should be slim enough to hide behind a picture frame. These are all possible suggestions but to be really secure, get an effective system installed.

Stay safe outdoors

Opportunist criminals will look for vulnerability whilst you are outside of the home so be careful when using an iPhone or iPad in public. Preferably, don’t use either device unless there is an emergency but if it’s unavoidable, try to stay in a crowd and keep away from vulnerable areas such as dark, deserted parking lots.

Gadgets such as these should never be left unattended in cars and to be extra safe, you should consider locking your doors even while you’re driving.

Insuring your Assets

It’s sensible to insure your gadget and as far as any cellphone is concerned it’s not unusual for purchasers to cancel the standard insurance offered by the network provider. This is commonly down to expense and including your equipment is generally cheaper under a homeowner’s insurance policy but you must be certain that your gadgets are fully covered.

Many policies will have a maximum payout limit for any single item so your iPhone or iPad may need to be covered as a specified listing on the schedule. Additionally, be certain that the insurance extends outside of the home.

There is an alternative to standard homeowners cover and some providers offer specific gadget insurance but you can be sure of getting the best deal by speaking to an independent advisor.

Preventing everyday accidents

Gadget insurance can extend to cover screen cracks and cosmetic damage but there are a number of ways in which you can prevent this from happening. Specially designed, hard wearing iPhone and iPad cases are on the market and if you are unfortunate enough to drop your device onto a hard surface, they can offer full protection. View our SafeGrip range of iPad Rugged Cases designed specifically to survive the bumps and knocks that children are most prone to subject iPads to.

Insurance is there should the worst case scenario arise but you can save a lot of hassle here for just a small investment.

Staying Dry

Water is a sworn nemesis for most gadgets and this is another area where insurance can reimburse you if the worst happens. Over the years, various cellphone users have dropped their device into the bath, into milk and even into beer, making the whole piece of kit shut down.

Waterproofing has developed over recent years and many of the new methods are safe and guaranteed so you never have to worry about dropping your phone into your suds ever again. Prices for waterproof cases start from just a few bucks while top of the range items such as the Armor Series from Otterbox can head towards the $100.00 figure.

Screen Protection

Apple may have banned protective film from its stores but screen protectors are a popular accessory for the buying public around the world. They can prevent scratches and many provide an anti-glare option but the stronger versions can stop phone and tablet screens from cracking.

Screen protectors start from just a few bucks and can easily be applied in a matter of seconds.

You can protect your best gadgets in a number of ways but have you found any innovative methods to keep your prize purchases safe?

There are many ways in which you can protect your devices from all types of threat. There are options to fight back against theft and damage from many sources but which of these tips are you most likely to adopt?