A good smart watch brings a lot more to the table than a traditional timepiece. Before buying my first one, I was a bit concerned about the size and the style of these hi-tech personal gadgets. Through a little bit of personal style experimentation, I came across several pieces that look great, are suitable for a day at the office and deliver all of the functionalities that smart watches are so well known for.

I was looking particularly for fitness tracking and functionalities in an attempt to stay active. Here are some of the greatest possibilities I discovered.


Fitbit Flex

black fitbit flex
Fitbix Flex is considered the first of its kind fitness wristband and it was developed by the company that popularized “wearable” fitness trackers. It looks incredibly sleek and elegant, which is why I fell in love with this possibility.

I love the Fitbit Flex because it is totally unobtrusive. It is light and smart with a selection between a grey and black variety (though a few more colorful options exist, as well). You get a bracelet that is actually the holder for a little box with all of the Fitbit Flex technology.

The smart fitness tracker comes with impressive battery life. You can use it to track the number of steps you make, the miles you walk, active minutes or calories burned. A light indicator will flash, giving you information about goal completion. In fact, I started leaving my car a few blocks away from the office, just to have a walk and see how the Fitbit Flex tracks my performance.

If you want to take it a step further, you can try the Fitbit Force – a smart watch designed by the same company that gives you the benefits of Flex and a few additional functionalities. It is equipped with an OLED display that actually shows the time apart from giving you the smart functions. It is compatible with 18 Google-powered smartphone varieties and with every Bluetooth-equipped IOS device.

Withings Pulse

balck and blue withings pule in watch strap
Withings is a French company that designs excellent heart rate monitors. I recently got a chance to try their Pulse smart watch and I was quite impressed with the technology.

This smart watch and fitness tracker comes with a great price to quality ratio. There are interchangeable straps that enhance your everyday style and a range of great functionalities that can be used to bring activity level up.

Withings Pulse comes with a built-in heart rate monitor, blood oxygen levels tracker, measurements of steps, distance, elevation and calories burned. I like the relatively long battery life and the device’s compatibility with Apple iOS 6 devices or Android 4.0 and higher devices.

Garmin Vivofit

black garmin vivofit
If you want a really good looking smart watch and an exceptional fitness tracker, Garmin Vivofit will be perfect for you. This is the one I fell in love with and I continue wearing on a daily basis till present day.

The wristband is very plain and minimalist, which turns it into a great business accessory. The Garmin Vivofit is also equipped with one of the best fitness trackers that the market has to offer.

Garmin Vivofit is waterproof and I especially love the inactivity meter it has. If I spend a bit too much time sitting on the desk, I’ll get a reminder that I need to get moving. The Vivofit doesn’t feature an audible alarm, which if you’re entering the third hour of a meeting with your boss is probably quite a good thing.

The tracker provides information about steps, distance, calories and sleep. It comes with battery life of one plus year. The device is compatible with the ANT+ heart rate monitor, as well as with iPhone 4s or higher or a device having Android 4.3 or higher. Best of all it runs off a coin battery just like your watch. You forgo screen brightness but gain a year’s battery life. As with he flex color options are available.


Nike Pulse

Nike fuel band with colored screen
The final business and fitness smart watch I want to include in the list of my favorites is the Nike Pulse. Nike is one of the biggest names in the world of sports equipment and it was only logical for such a development to come from the company.

The design is very comfortable and sleek at the same time. The smart watch displays information about the time, as well as fitness goals like steps, calories burned and any kind of activity. The activity can be recorded and the information will be uploaded to the Nike+ Web account you have created for yourself. There, you can add notes and any other information about the activity.

The band comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for continuous syncing and hourly motivational reminders about keeping active. It is great because it reminds you to slow down during the hectic office day and take a couple of minutes for yourself.

A good smart watch looks elegant and it gives you access to fitness functionalities. Let us face it – most office based workers tend to be drawn into a sedentary lifestyle. A little bit of technology can be quite helpful in terms of changing a daily routine and need not make you look like you’re the captain of the Starship Enterprise.  I opted for the Garmin Vivofit, mainly due to it’s long battery life.  If you select a smart watch that requires recharging consider a upgrading your smartphone charger as so you can charge two devices at once.  Here’s a helpful link to the Kensington Absolute Power Dual Charger!