The days of chalkboards and lectures in school are long extinct; the world of education now revolves around technology, and that technology changes with every new school year.  One of the most impressive forms of technology that students and teachers are using in today’s classroom is the iPad.  With thousands of apps geared toward education, the iPad is changing the way both teachers and parents inspire children.

Using the iPad in schools, teachers can create assignments customized for each individual student.  If one student is a visual learner, he can download a video that shows examples of what is being taught.  For a child who learns best by listening, a podcast from iTunes U is the perfect complement to an assignment.

Not only is the iPad beneficial in the school setting, but it is also useful for students at home.  Instead of flipping through a textbook and then answering a list of questions like in the old days, students can now truly create something powerful.  The iPad brings homework to life, and turns dreaded assignments into something children want to do, on a device they love to use.  Learning is no longer limited to old, boring textbooks.  With the iPad in schools, there’s now a whole world of interactive apps open to children to enhance learning.

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